What maintenance does a tufting gun require?

Tufting guns are power tools that run on electric motors, which generate heat and friction. Do not overuse the tufting gun.

If you use the tufting gun excessively while working on large-scale work or a tight project, you will be in trouble if the tufting gun breaks down.

Pause frequently with the tufting gun to avoid overworking and overheating. Take short breaks while working on your rug to reduce stress.

 Keeping moving parts clean and lubricated will extend the life of your tufting gun and its components.

Inspect the tufting gun before and after lug work and check all screws and bolts.

Vibration can cause them to come loose and damage can occur if parts come loose during Rug work.

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   ©2023  TUFT SERVICE By Umrad.  All rights reserved.